It must have been LOVE…

…but as the song goes, it’s over now! That’s it, another placement over and can you believe it, we’re on to the final one.

As you might have guessed from the title I have spent the last three months at LOVE creative which is an agency based in Manchester city centre and what an agency it is. LOVE work with some of the best clients you could wish for from an agency – especially as a boy. I worked with Sony Playstation, Umbro football and Nike. I also worked on pitches for property in Media City and a very interesting one for a potential pitch for Frosty Jack’s. It was an incredible experience working with some of the most talented and forward thinking creative talent in Manchester.

It was however another placement surrounded by women. It seems as if at every placement I’ve had women next to me, around me, managing me – not that I’m complaining, it really is as good as it sounds. This time I was sat in amongst seven women on the aptly named ‘tampon island’. It’s been a lesson in life throughout this entire year. Whilst I read the other Masters’ blogs about the business lessons they’ve learnt at all these inspiring companies, I can’t help but feel as if I’m learning my share from the fairer sex from Venus. It’s now safe to say, what I don’t know about periods and maxi dresses isn’t worth knowing.

Anyway, enough of my new found knowledge and back to the LOVEing (I’m aware it’s spelt incorrectly but the pun doesn’t work as well otherwise). During my time at LOVE I was privy to the making of the advert for the new Umbro boot, check it out below (N.B. MUCH better with sound up loud).

Even more excitingly, they made a mini ‘behind the scenes’ video to show how it’s all been put together so if you’ve never been on a shoot before you can see how it’s all done – girls, you even get to see Gael Clichy of Arsenal with his top off. Settle down Tom Reeve.