Manchester Masters now open to all UK universities!

Following overwhelming interest in Manchester Masters from students beyond the Greater Manchester area, the project team has decided to open the programme to graduates from any UK university. This will ensure the scheme continues to nurture the best young creative talent in the UK.

To enable new applicants to make their submission, the deadline for Manchester Masters has been extended until 5pm on Monday 5th September 2015. As such, the 2015/16 programme will now commence in October 2015.

For further details on the eligibility criteria and for an application pack, click here.


Third graduate placement report from Manchester Master, Lauren Hurford: An aligned Vistarite

Whilst at Brand Vista, not a day has gone by when I thought, “I really don’t want to go into work”.  In some previous jobs, I thought work was a chore. At Brand Vista I have learnt that having passion for the company and what it wants to achieve, really helps to promote a healthy working mentality. The company has thrown me into the deep end and allowed me to become a Vistarite, their values have somehow become my values and getting up in the morning is invigorating.

From the moment I walk into the office I am at one with myself. Who would have thought that a job could influence such a thing?  That’s where Brand Vista comes into play, it is a brand alignment company and you may think ‘what is that?’ but think Disney….. It wasn’t created by accident it took years of aligning the brand to the Disney vision – straight up family fun. Years of sprinkling fairy dust and goodwill gestures over its employees and visitors in order to ensure you are left feeling satisfied and “Disneyfied” and that Disney is everything and more than you expected. The reason for this is alignment, they are aligned to their vision and there is an army of employees reinforcing this. From the cleaners to Mickey and Minnie, they all play the part. Same smile, same greeting, even the same signature, no matter how many Mickey characters are signing at the park. Someone somewhere has aligned all this, and it doesn’t happen by accident…..

Cue Brand Vista, the brand alignment company, the pioneers of brand alignment, it is involved in organisations such as Alton Towers, AstraZeneca, The City of Blackpool and many more. They take a unique three stage process exploring, visioning and aligning, which all help to ensure that the companies deliver their promises.

I now want my own life to be aligned to my visions, my passions and my values on the journey to completing my masters and beyond. Ducks in a row, birds in a row and boats in a row all give me great creative insight into the minds of my fellow Vistarites and alignment.

Next time you are visiting a shop, cafe, amusement park or even a city and it wasn’t what you expected, somewhere someone has broken their promise to you as a customer, and that my friends is a serious case for alignment!

Lauren Hurford, A Vistarite signing out of an aligned placement at Brand Vista.



Pets at Work

I am nearing the end of my time here at Pets at Home and I can’t decide whether it has been the longest or shortest 3 months of my life.  In one way, the amount of new information I have absorbed makes me feel like I have always worked here, but then the daunting day when I arrived for the first time feels like yesterday, and I can’t believe I’m leaving so soon.

It feels strange to me now that before I came I didn’t know anything about PPC, SEO, how a transactional website is even run, why companies can’t just jump straight into doing social media. I also would have guessed Hitwise to be some dodgy European pop band. I have learnt a lot about myself at the same time.

Firstly, despite never wanting to look at a graph again after my economics degree I have realised that I am really quite analytical and doing a Coremetrics report on a Friday is really the highlight of my week (not very cool to admit I know!).  On the other hand I have realised that sometimes I should spend less time talking, and more time listening.

One of the best things about working at Pets at Home is that employees are allowed to bring their pets to work. Every day a new selection of puppies and dogs (and even the odd bearded dragon) come in with their owners and distract me while I work, although I must admit a direct negative correlation between the number of puppies in the office and my productivity.


Overall my time at Pets at Home has been a godsend;  without it I might have ended up in the wrong career, or even worse not know the difference between Wainwrights and Chudleys dog food!

Sophie Russell, Manchester Master